Who I am


My name is Dawn Joy Whitestone. You can call me Dawn or DJ. Either is fine. Did you notice that JOY is my middle name? I try to live up to that and spread joy to everyone who will receive it. I hope that you will experience joy as you read this blog!

Here's some more info about me:

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

  • Author of the book and workbook Strategic Business Prayer

  • Founding Partner of WhiteStone Professionals, LLC.

  • Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend...

That's probably enough. You will get to know more as you read the blog.


Why I do this

Over the years, I have experienced the tranformative power of written, interactive conversations with God. That's what I want for you--to experience the wonder, the excitement, the adventure, even the romance of relationship with God!

Many of us have come to think that the best we can hope for is that God listens to our prayers and occasionally grants a request.  Prayer seems like a mysterious activity that is useful for children at bedtime or aging saints who seem to have mastered some secret code with God.  For others, prayer seems like an obligation without much usefulness in everyday life.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

What if we looked at prayer differently?  What if we recognized that prayer is two-way communication with the God who created the universe—who happens to be our Father, our Superhero and our Friend?


I have many years of journaled prayers. Writing my prayers helps to slow my thoughts. Writing God's responses to me helps me to listen more closely.

My purpose in sharing these journaled prayers is to encourage you and others to pray. Perhaps you will pray like this, or perhaps you will be inspired to pray in other ways. If this blog encourages you to deepen your relationship with God, then it has been successful! 


What I can do for you

My hope is that these prayers will encourage you to be bold in your own prayer life. I believe that God wants to have conversations with each of His children. In reading my journaled prayers, I hope that you will be inspired, encouraged, challenged or provoked to spend some time with God!

In case you would like more, please be sure to contact me! We would love to help you connect with God in any way we can. In addition to this blog, we provide coaching and training. If you want to know more about that, check our our website: WhiteStonePros.com

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this blog. Go deeper with God!

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